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Michelle Seibel

Passion for Activity – words that have always described Michelle Seibel and might surprise those who are not active because despite her life-long attraction to skiing, hiking and mountain biking, even uber-active Michelle became significantly overweight – and like so many others we encounter in our business, Michelle held onto that weight for a long time. “I’ve always been big,” she says, “and the challenge for me now is to think of myself as trim, and to see that as normal.” She works with others on adjusting their self-images as well. People who have known Michelle for a long time often say they don’t recognize her now. That’s because weight loss doesn’t just remove pounds from one’s hips, it also alters the contours of one’s face.

As you become more youthful-looking and attractive, you have to make an internal adjustment, and your friends have to make adjustments in how they see you as well. As the weight melts off, your face gains attractive and youthful contours that you might not have seen for a while. This is why Michelle believes so strongly in counseling, because when weight loss works, it’s not just about pounds. Michelle hails from Donner Summit and has always loved the mountains, which is why she was drawn to the University of Nevada-Reno, (one of the highest-altitude universities in the nation, and within commuting distance of Lake Tahoe, which offers great skiing in winter and beautiful hiking the rest of the year).

But after college, Michelle did what so many young adults do... made one or two unfortunate and unhealthy decisions that led to depression and addictions. After escaping that bad situation she found herself in group counseling, which gave her many of the tools she uses today. Flash forward 20 years and you’d never guess that the Michelle we know today was related to the heavy, unhappy Michelle of the past. She adores her husband, a Washington native, and together they have two children who share Michelle’s love of active outdoor living. After trying “every diet in the world,” Michelle encountered the Ideal Protein plan, which she tried because she was impressed with friend (and now partner) Kathy Nagie’s transformation.

After a year of her own complete success, Michelle is a svelte and confident coach who passionately believes in our scientifically-based program. “I know most diets want you to tell the world, but I don’t even want to say out loud how much weight I’ve lost,” she says. And, she doesn’t have to. There’s a photo in the office that tells her story and can make a believer out of anyone who visits. “I love the protein balance and the accountability,” she says, “because it actually works. No longer focused on hiding her size, Michelle in the normal, healthy range for her body type. It took a year, and “although I did it for myself, for my health, and for my psyche,” she says, “it’s an added benefit that I’m not always shopping for black clothes and that I’m comfortable buying a swimsuit for summer vacation.” Long term, Michelle dreams of hiking, skiing and biking her way around the world with her family; but until that happens, she’s passionate about helping others to find the results she is enjoying today using the Ideal Protein method in our clinic.

Kathy Nagie

Kathy comes from such an athletic background that you might never expect to find her as a partner in a weight-loss business; but her story is just more proof that B-Ideal’s program can change your life. Kathy graduated from West Chester University with a degree in Health, Physical Education and Recreation. After of summer of fun on the Jersey Shore she took a Graduate Assistantship at the University of Colorado. As a transplant from New Jersey, Kathy combined grad school at the University of Colorado with her overriding passion at the time, downhill skiing. Her intended two-year stay evolved into a decade of instructing skiers at Colorado’s Winter Park Resort , an occupation she supported by coaching high school field hockey during the fall. Somehow she also made time to serve as the course marshal on the pro bicycle racing circuit, and to get involved in white-water rafting expeditions for tourists.

Eventually, friends lured Kathy to the Seattle area to participate in Whidbey Island Race Week. That one week stay extended to 25 years. In other words, Kathy didn’t begin her career as your average desk jockey. Flash forward, however, and her desk played a prominent role in Kathy’s life for the next 20 years. During that time, she became a leading, award-winning mortgage broker, helping Seattle- and Eastside-area families finance their homes. Although she loved the business, she found that chasing interest rates doesn’t burn calories the way downhill skiing once did, and over time those unwanted pounds appeared. Like so many of us, she tried every diet out there with the typical result – weight loss, followed by even more weight gain. Then, almost by accident, Kathy discovered the Ideal protein-focused plan.

That’s when everything changed for Kathy again. Not only has she lost all the weight that mattered to her, Kathy has regained her energy, and her normally up-beat spirit has taken on an extra shine. She has energy to spend her week end time hiking, skiing and on her passion of photography. Of course she has also poured herself into B-Ideal, bringing these same dependable results to men and women who are as different as can be, yet all have one thing in common... past diets that eventually led to increased weight gain. That’s what persuaded Kathy to co-find B-Ideal. “The frustration and disappointment of those other plans is almost an epidemic in this country; but when I saw how much science and conscientiousness was built into the Ideal protein plan, I had to get involved.” Her rewards are more enjoyable outdoor time, a closet full of new clothes to fit her improved profile, the chance to meet and help a lot of people who have faced the same ups and downs. Kathy is looking forward to helping people with their weight loss journey.


The Method

There are four phases in the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol. During all four Phases you will receive one-on-one coaching, teaching you how your body gains weight and what you should be eating in order to maintain a balanced weight.

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I have been on Ideal for about a month and have lost 17 pounds!

"I have been on Ideal for about a month and have lost 17 pounds it has been the easiest and my coach Kathy has made it a fun experience. I would totally recommend this diet to anyone but especially women like me who are going through or who have been...

Belinda Shanle

* The results are those of the individual that is identified. Results while following the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol may vary from person to person, or from individual to individual. You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting this or any other diet program to determine if it is right for your needs.

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